About the Faith Leaders Forum

What motivated us to begin this process was our understanding that as faith leaders God calls us to take a stand against injustice and to defend the cause of those who are victims of oppression. The repeated revelations of the killing of and use of force against people of color led us to organize in order to make sure that protocol, practices, and procedures are in place in our county police agencies to insure that the rights and lives of civilians are protected and respected.” Rev. Jeffery Harrold, Pastor of New Beginnings Community Church of Washtenaw County 

Purpose Statement

Our mission is to establish a county-wide, interfaith advocacy effort with a faith-inspired platform that fosters mutual respect and effectiveness as we mobilize and speak up for justice and equality. We will work together in a manner that reflects our faith in the God of peace and justice; we commit to the following:

  • We will speak and act with respect, compassion and acceptance;
  • We will use actions and words that will both facilitate understanding and resist violence and oppression;
  • We will not use or instigate violence of any kind against any person or group; and
  • We will promote safety and respect for life through our actions and interactions.

Partner with us!

Contact us at: events@washtenawfaithleadersforum.org